Mass Time Schedule for Our Lady of the Angels at the Franciscan Renewal Center

Daily: 7:00AM

Morning Prayer following at: 7:30AM

Saturday: 5:00PM

Sunday: 7:30AM, 9:15AM, 11:00AM & 7:00PM

Rosary Prayer: 6:00PM Monday - Friday, Brother Conan Meditation Chapel; 5:45pm Friday only Divine Mercy Chaplet




Liturgy Music

Director, pianist, and vocalist Norbert Zwickl guides the ensemble of professional musicians, including drummer MG Johnson, and assistant director, keyboardist, and vocalist Brian Kinzie. The ensemble leads the worshipping community through a variety of musical prayer experiences, from the quiet meditation of "Healer of Our Every Ill," through the strong and anthem-like "Jerusalem, My Destiny," to the pop stylings of "Go Make A Difference." The reaction is an assembly that both sings and prays with passion and delight. Attending mass at the Casa and being part of that energy is an experience one rarely forgets.


For more information on music at the Casa, click here.