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The Franciscan Renewal Center

1951...The Kachina Lodge, Paradise Valley, Arizona is purchased by the Franciscans of St. Barbara Province.  November 1, 1951 is the date in which the property officially belongs to the Franciscans and the site is named the Franciscan Renewal Center.

A lot has happened since that famous purchase took place.  Fr. Owen da Silva, OFM knew the site of the Kachina Lodge was exactly the right place for the Franciscan Renewal Center.  He envisioned the Center to be a place with spiritual appeal...where people would "come apart into a desert place."  He saw the lure of the desert drawing people to the sand and cactus and quiet.  He believed that the draw would lead people to be hushed and thoughtful in this quiet place he liked to call, Casa de Paz y Bien....House of Peace and Good.

The Franciscan Renewal Center is often endearingly referred to as simply, "The Casa."

As it stands now, the Franciscan Renewal Center provides support for the people of Arizona and places beyond as far away as Europe, Austrailia and Asia. The services that are offered here at this site are:

  • Worship and Liturgy
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Meeting and Conference facility
  • Retreats
  • Outreach

We have made a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help you to better understand the scope of the services provided as well as a little more background information.

The Casa Chapel is Officially a Church!

Our Lady of the Angels Conventual Church at the Franciscan Renewal Center was dedicated on February 26, 2006

It was with great joy that the Franciscan community announced that the Franciscan Renewal Center's chapel received a new status in the Diocese of Phoenix. Thanks to the efforts of our Provincial, Fr. Mel Jurisich, Bishop Thomas Olmsted and our very own, Br. Joseph Schwab, Executive Director, the Casa's chapel changed from its current classification as a "semi-private oratory," to the more useful status of a "conventual church." No, not conventional. The word is conventual. This classification of conventual church is unique in the diocese, and clarifies the role of the Casa within the diocese.


What is a conventual church?

Churches are conventual when they belong to the convent of the religious community (in this case, the Franciscans) rather than to the diocese. We do not belong to the diocese, nor will we belong to the diocese under the new designation. We will continue to belong to the Franciscan community, and continue our cooperative partnership with the mission of the diocese. It is different from a Diocesan church or a parish. We are a church that belongs to the Franciscan Order. We are not a parish church. A parish would be governed by the diocese rather than the Franciscan Order. A conventual church is guided by the religious order-for the Casa the Franciscans.

We are asking people to sign up for a communal roster to foster communication and a sense of belonging with the conventual church community. Without a communal roster, we do not have a way of knowing who comes to Sunday Mass here. As with our mailing list, this list is not given to anyone-it remains private. Please sign up as a member of the Our Lady of the Angels Church if you haven't done so already. Click on the pdf icon for the registration form. It can be dropped off at the front desk or mailed to 5802 E. Lincoln Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85253.

Click here to view the pdf file for complete information on becoming a conventual church.

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pdfRegistration Form. Welcome into our worship community!  Fill out the registration form to become a member of the Conventual Church of Our Lady of the Angels at the Franciscan Renewal Center.  You can mail it to us or drop off at the Front Desk in the lobby.  Questions?  Call 480-948-7460.