Straight Talk Theology Keeping Alive the Vision of Vatican Council II

Bill Cieslak, OFM Cap
Sundays, 9:00 -10:30 am, January 20, February 17, April 21

This series addresses some of our deeper human searches in the hope that the answers we uncover will change our lives for the better. Topics include:

September 16 Vatican Council II: How It Came to Be (How have we grown as a Church because of Vatican II?)

October 21 What does it mean to be a PRIESTLY PEOPLE? (A new vision of Sunday Mass)

November 18 A Church turned inside-out! (A different understanding of the Catholic Church)

December 16 The Word of God for US! (Introducing the importance of the scriptures for our Catholic life.)

No registration necessary. Suggested donation: $10 per person.
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William Cieslak, OFM, Cap is a former President of the Franciscan School of Theology at Berkeley and a Professor of Liturgical Theology. He is one of the founding advisors and an ongoing advocate for The Franciscan Way programs at the Casa.