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Faith in Action Outreach Ministries.

Working for peace, working for justice.


At the Franciscan Renewal Center, “Faith in Action” means putting your passion to work for social justice and positive change in the world. We are the hands and feet of Christ, and we are motivated by St. Francis’ revolutionary concept of what it means to embrace all of Creation with love, not blame.


Here, volunteer ministry teams await you — to tackle real societal needs across greater Phoenix and North America.

Faith in Action Team.

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Laura Libertore

Co-Manager of Faith in Action Ministry




Victor Jaimes

Co-Manager of Faith in Action Ministry



Apache Fair Trade

Apache Fair Trade.

This volunteer ministry is currently on hiatus. To help our Apache brothers and sisters during this time, please  visit the co-op's eBay Store to view handmade items made by both San Carlos and White Mountain Apaches. To be sure they are made by our crafting co-op members, look for the tag.

Share in the rich history of the Apache people and support their economic development. The Apache Fair Trade Ministry partners with Apache Fair Trade Crafting Cooperative  (AFTCO). This vital cop-op helps American Indians from the San Carlos and White Mountain Apache tribes advance their economy, improve local wages and engage in meaningful work that is at the core of their ancestral spirituality. Volunteers act as “sellers” to set up craft sales at the Casa and other locations across greater Phoenix. Working with AFTCO gives Casa volunteers a deeper understanding and appreciation for our Apache sisters and brothers in Arizona. For more information, email

Care for Creation

Care for Creation (C4C).

Franciscans acknowledge that all creation emanates from the goodness of God and exists exactly as it is intended to be a “footprint” of God. This worldview embraces all creatures, plants and minerals as our brothers and sisters. In solidarity, we are called to be in right relationship with creation and be mindful of our human impact.  The Care for Creation Ministry studies and recommends methods of change to improve environmental stewardship here at the Casa and elsewhere. This includes energy efficiency, renewable energy forms, recycling and more. For more information, email


Care for Creation mission statement.

English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL).

Imagine trying to live in a foreign country where you don’t know the local language. The ESL Ministry teaches basic English language skills to help immigrants rebuild their lives. Training is provided at the beginning of each school year (Sept. - May). We use a team teaching approach with a lead instructor and teaching assistants. The Lead instructor has educational experience, but this is not necessary for teaching assistants. Assistants are given training so they feel comfortable working with the students. Generally, students are Spanish-speaking, however students of other backgrounds can be found in the classrooms. The ability to speak Spanish is not a volunteer requirement. Lesson plans, classroom handouts, and teaching materials consist of a combination of purchased texts and donated materials, funded by cash grants and donated services from the Casa. Students are dedicated and instructor-student relationships often turn into friendships. As students learn English, volunteer instructors learn about students’ lives, their families, and their work. For more information, email

Casa Grounds for Solidarity

Casa Grounds for Solidarity (Café Justo).

When Casa volunteers sell Café Justo brand coffee, rural Mexican farmers and roasters earn a fair wage that allows them to remain in their homeland with a better quality of life.  Last year the Casa community purchased 1,220 pounds of Café Justo organic, fair trade coffee. That volume supports a family of 10 for an entire year in Mexico.  See the different kinds of coffee sold.  And remember, the difference is in the roasting.


Coffee Sales: Find the most popular varieties of Café Justo available at two venues on campus:

The Books and Blessings Gift Shop and the FRC Lobby Guest Services Desk.

For more information, email

Guaymas Hospitality Ministry

Guaymas Hospitality Ministry.

*This volunteer ministry is on hiatus.

As a volunteer, you will provide overnight care and shelter for the children of Guaymas, Mexico and their families when they come to the Phoenix Shriner’s Clinic for medical care. We arrive at the Casa to pick up a parent and a child, and we help them by opening our home so the family has sleeping accommodations, bath/shower, and meals. These two very tired people show us such gratitude for a simple bed, a few meals and a great deal of love. Responsibilities and activities include meeting the family at the Casa on a Friday afternoon and returning them to the Casa early Saturday morning. Volunteers are asked to prepare a dinner and small breakfast and a snack for their return to Guaymas. Planning an activity for the child is recommended during their one-night stay. You do not need to speak Spanish, only the willingness to interact with the Spanish-speaking family and the desire to share your home with them for one night. For more information, email

Casa Habitat for Humanity

Casa Habitat for Humanity.

Casa community members are invited to participate in Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona building projects as a team known as the “Casa Builders.” Be a part of this life-changing work. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to participate in building. There are a wide range of other roles that help, including organizing lunches for construction teams or babysitting for young families working on the site.  For more information, email

Hunger Action Ministry

Hunger Action Ministry (HAM).

In Arizona, 1 in 4 children, 1 in 5 adults, and 1 in 7 seniors are food insecure. Who goes hungry in America?


Our Vision: To be a change agent in our community.

Our Mission:  Promoting and supporting organizations in the local community that strive to reduce and eliminate hunger through awareness, advocacy and action.


See our most recent HAM newsletter. Email us to sign up for future newsletters:


Awareness – Educate the Casa community on hunger issues

  • We educate​ through movie nights (such as "A Place at the Table"), speakers from local organizations that work to combat hunger, and short justice formation courses.


Advocacy – Promote state/national legislation affecting food security

  • We provide opportunities for interested participants to reach out and influence legislation on nutrition assistance programs that allows access to healthy foods and moves people toward self-sufficiency. 


Action – Organize service projects in our community

  • Service projects include Casa Kindness Bags for the homeless, food drives for St. Vincent de Paul, and in-person opportunities at food banks, such as St. Mary's and Desert Mission and meal service at St. Vincent de Paul.

Just Scripture

Just Scripture.

*JustScripture meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month, from 9 - 10:30 am on Zoom.

How does God’s Word speak to you through Scripture?


Participants in JustScripture study Scripture and Sunday lectionary readings in light of Catholic social teaching and topical issues.  Reflection leads participants to incorporate the Christian and Franciscan mandate to work for justice into their daily lives in a new way.

  • Sharing from a perspective of Franciscan values

  • Biblical issues of justice and mercy that impact our world today

  • An interactive process: a deeply personal and collective experience

  • No previous study of Scripture is needed

  • How to prepare for JustScripture



Justice Formation: Act Love Walk

Justice Formation: Act Love Walk (ALW).

ACT Justly, LOVE Tenderly, WALK Humbly! Micah 6:8


Justice Formation in the Franciscan Way


For seven months, a group of 8-12 participants explore Christ’s call to care for the poor and vulnerable. Participants discover what it means to live justly in today’s world, with the help of St. Francis. Together, the group will encounter Franciscan stories and their own stories in connection to issues in our world today. Additional short-course opportunities focused on faith and justice issues are published on​.Registration is required for all faith formation courses.



Matthew 25: Serving Asylum Seekers

Matthew 25: Serving Asylum Seekers

Mission Statement:  Serve those seeking asylum from violence and persecution by providing essential services at the Welcome Center under the guidance of the International Rescue

Committee (IRC).


Matthew 25 volunteers provide a warm welcome, meals, gently used clothing and hygiene items on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at the IRC Welcome Center. This does not include in-kind donations of laundry services as well as urgently needed socks, underwear, and warm clothing. Daily, we experience the gift of renewing lives. Volunteers select the dates and times they want to serve through the IRC Portal. The IRC has a set of requirements plus an orientation process for all new volunteers.


Casa Veterans Ministry

Casa Veterans Ministry (CVM).

Connecting. Serving. Healing. The Casa Veterans Ministry provides a safe place where service members, veterans and their families join in community to find healing from their wounds of service.


Purpose:  The purpose of  the Casa Veterans Ministry is to respond to the spiritual and emotional needs of service members, veterans and their families offering a welcoming and compassionate environment.


Mission Statement:  The mission of the Casa Veterans Ministry is to take concrete actions to assist service members, veterans and their families with healing and education programs, and with events and services designed to support their spiritual and emotional needs. For more information on this ministry or upcoming veterans programs, email


Project Areas:



  • St. Francis Retreats:  We offer St. Francis Retreats, which are designed to offer healing insights from one of the most beloved but misunderstood saints.  Click here to learn more.


  • St. Joseph Baskets for Homeless Veterans:  Donations are accepted for the St. Joseph Baskets – a welcome basket that includes kitchen, bedroom and bathroom supplies for recently housed homeless veterans.  Click here to learn more.


  • Moral Injury Education:  We provide educational opportunities for the community to understand moral injury/moral repair.  Ministry members have done presentation to several first-responder agencies in the state, health care professional and clergy/ military chaplains, local homeless and housing providers. Click here to learn more.


  • Community Engagement:  We offer a variety of events to bring veterans together with each other and with our civilian community.  This includes Vets Reconnect, Veterans Day Picnic, Memorial Day Rosary and Veterans Day Stations of the Cross.  Click here to learn more.

  • Building Spiritual Strength is an new 8-week online program that has been found to be helpful for veterans, service members and VA Healthcare workers, all who may come from a variety of faith backgrounds and who may suffer from moral injury or spiritual distress. To learn more, browse through our brochure.

Valley Interfaith Project

Valley Interfaith Project (VIP).

Our Catholic faith calls us to work in the public arena on matters that affect the dignity of the human person, and to work in solidarity with the most vulnerable in our society. Casa members are invited to participate in The Valley Interfaith Project (VIP) – a broad-based, non-partisan organization of institutions across greater Phoenix that trains and empowers people to affect change for families at the state and local level. 


VIP is committed to developing the capacity of ordinary people so they can be active participants in all levels of our democracy including: understanding local concerns, researching and presenting issues and developing the ability to interact effectively with public officials. As a founding member of the VIP, the Casa is integral to this Valley-wide organization. Participation by Casa members furthers our social justice imperative to engage in creating a just society. For more information, email


Partnerships and Resources

Partnerships and Resources.

The Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Our Faith in Action ministry is founded on the Church’s social teaching, a rich treasure of wisdom about building a just society and living lives of holiness amidst the challenges of modern society. Read about the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)’s website.


The Salt and Light Model


As a community of faith, we believe that we need to be, more than ever, a source of clear moral vision and effective action. In the words of the scripture (Mt. 5:13-16), we are called to be the “salt of the earth” and “light of the world.” The pursuit of justice and peace is an essential part of what makes us Catholic. Read the document.


Connecting Ourselves to Our Communities and Our World


This world needs you. What can you do? The Casa is all about service to others as we seek to follow the model of St. Francis of Assisi. The Faith in Action Ministry partners with the following charity and justice organizations.


Local & National Partners in Ministry



Care for Creation Ministry


Casa Grounds for Solidarity


Casa Habitat Ministry


Casa Veterans Ministry



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