Family Faith Formation.

The Family Faith Formation Department consists of Family Catechesis, Sacrament Preparation and Youth Ministry programs.

We look forward to serving you and your family!

Please visit the Program Information & Calendars to get a detailed explanation of each program and to see the planned schedule for the year.​

If you are a brand new family, we ask that you contact us at familyfaithformation@thecasa.org to introduce yourself and your family before registering. 

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Formation Team.

Patty T_edited.jpg

Patty Tafolla

Director of Catechetical Ministries




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Donna Kinzie

Family Faith Formation and Infant Baptism





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Cheryl Hentz

Youth and Young Adult Minister





Family Catechesis: Pre-K to Grade 3.

General faith formation for the whole family! Focusing on grades PreK-3, parents and their children participate in sessions, retreats and activities to deepen their understanding of our Catholic faith.

The Family Catechesis Program includes a once per month meeting via Zoom for parents and children.


Families will be organized into small group sessions where they will have the opportunity to build community with one another and grow their faith as a family.

In order to aid families in their online and at-home catechesis the Family Catechesis program will be providing age-specific materials to aid parents in engaging their children in faith formation at home.

In addition to the once monthly family meeting, there is a once monthly online parent gathering: The Parent Cafe.  This gives parents the opportunity to gather and share their faith experiences as parents.  They will also get a preview of the upcoming Family Catechesis session so that they are able to prepare in advance for what their family will be learning that month.


Sacrament Preparation.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Sacrament Preparation is the opportunity for parents to grow in their faith alongside their children as students prepare to receive the sacraments. For infant baptisms, please visit our Sacraments page.


Sacrament Preparation (Reconciliation, Confirmation, Eucharist) consists of a two-year online program:


Year One - grades 2 and up, for students who have NOT received First Reconciliation, Confirmation or First Eucharist. 

  • Prepares parents and their children for the celebration of the sacrament First Reconciliation. 


Year Two - grades 3 and up, for students who have completed Sacrament Preparation—Year One. 

  • Prepares parents and their children for the celebration of the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation.

RCIA for Children -grades 2 and up, for students who have NOT received Baptism.

  • This program is to prepare children to receive full initiation into the Catholic Church at the Great Easter Vigil where they will receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and First Eucharist. This is a one year program which combines faith formation and sacrament preparation.


To learn more about these Sacraments, visit our Sacraments & Rites page.


Youth Groups: Grades 4 - 12.

A continuation of general faith formation for grades 4-12.  Our Youth Ministry programs offer adolescents and teens the opportunity to explore their spirituality in a relaxed & no-pressure environment.  


Weekly sessions and hangouts foster friendship and an understanding of what it means to belong to a faith community.

Parents will meet twice per month for a casual bible study and Parent Cafe: Casa Java Coffee Company!


​Friends of Francis: Grades 4-5

​Participants will get the chance to learn more about our Franciscan spirituality while continuing to learn how to live out their faith in their lives. We will do this online, using age-appropriate exploration of what it means to be Catholic, games, crafts, community building and light-hearted discussion.


Edge and Teen Life: Grades 6-12

​As a continuation of their general faith formation, middle school & high school youth get the opportunity for age appropriate learning, community building, games, and activities. We strive to let every participant know they are important and valuable members of our community. Using online resources, we will provide a safe space for sharing and opportunities forgrowth in developing each person's spiritual identity.

Youth Ministry